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From the latest news and views on the Dubai real estate market to our awareness of the most recent local developments, E.R agents are equipped to help you with prices, knowledge and other details you’ll need to familiarize yourself if you’re entering the property market.


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Real Estate Investment Services

Executive Realty Real Estate is a leading property investment specialist. We have been focused on sourcing and offering the best real estate opportunities from around the globe since 2013. More than 1000 properties have been sold to investors in over 40 countries. We have developed a reputation for investment property that delivers on returns, location and quality. We have become South East Asia largest seller of UAE property and a company to develop its own exclusive residential project after first successful financial year closing which has recorded highest profits.

Brokerage Related Services

Brokerage represents the core business function of the company. Executive Realty Real Estate services professionals specialize in residential, office, industrial, investment and retail properties. The company’s proven track record in property disposition demonstrates a thorough understanding of building construction, valuation, marketing and tenant/landlord representation.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services provide complementing support, including property and tenant evaluation, opinions of value, financial analysis, including lease and cash flow analysis, financing, economic incentives, and market research. Support personnel provide reliable information necessary to assist companies of any size.

Management Services

Executive Realty Real Estate services provides portfolio analysis and property management, whether on a short-term basis during the marketing and disposition period, or on a long-term basis in the marketing and management of investment and retail properties. Executive Realty Real Estate services specializes in managing risk to maximize our client’s return.

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Our Team

行政房地产由沙赫扎德·费萨尔先生于2013年创立,此前他在住宅和商业房地产经纪业务领域拥有十年的成功经验,在投资和零售银行业务方面拥有丰富经验。Shahzad Faisal 的愿景是超越促进传统销售和租赁交易,并提供全方位的销售、租赁、咨询、开发和管理服务。

行政地产房地产拥有庞大的房地产上市组合,客户遍布中东、非洲和东南亚,可满足所有住宅和商业房地产需求。2014 年,我们在毛里求斯获得住宅和度假屋专业执照,从而扩大了

我们的市场。以业务发展和联盟为核心的非常专注的企业家。为财富 100 强公司在中东及以外地区工作了 16 年。最近推出了两个成功的初创公司,Glocali和Hydronic。两家以技术为基础的初创公司都希望带来良好的变革。作为行政地产的一部分,负责集团内部的一般管理和联盟,尤其是业务。根据公司愿景,努力使行政地产成为全球投资者的领先平台之一。行


Krishna 是一位以目标为导向的专业人士,他有勇气达到并超越卓越标准。


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