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The Dubai Waterfront is expected to be one of the largest waterfront and largest manmade development in the world. The project consists of canals and artificial islands and it will be occupying the last left off Persian Gulf coastline of Dubai, the most popular emirate of UAE.

The original plan was to create a large development featuring commercial, residential, leisure and hospitality spaces. This large project would have been constructed in the shape of a crescent moon with Palm Jebel Ali forming a star, this configuration is commonly seen as an Islamic symbol.

Dubai Waterfront residents enjoy the best of waterside living. Apart from appreciating the scenic views, occupants can make the most of the multiple entertainment activities that exist in the city and neighborhood. To the north of the Badrah and Veneto communities is the JA Shooting Club. The resort offers indoor and outdoor shooting areas, as well as archery and paintball.

The only vision of the project is to create a World Class destination for residents, visitors and businesses in the fastest growing city of the world; a world with a city.

Dubai Water Front Service Charges

Service charges are recurring fees paid for maintenance, repairs and amenities in common areas. It is required to maintain the quality of life that some areas offer and can be variable, meaning the fees varies from location, the property to the quantity of services being offered, such as cleaning services, landscaping, security staff and many more. This page provides a useful information about the service charges for all projects in Dubai Water Front Dubai.

Dubai Water Front Service Charges

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