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How to Find the Best Real Estate Company in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the newest dreamlands, no doubt. The tiniest real estate there is a rewarding investment. The city is developing rapidly and has always been known for its high real estate prices due to rarity and other reasons. Finding the best real estate company in Dubai will help you (1) Find your real estate with a fair price and (2) help you decide better with their experience and variety of options. Connection with a reliable real estate agent in Dubai is having a key to a golden door. And this article is about helping you find your key and door in Dubai, UAE! Are you ready?

Our Plan

  • Set Your Real Estate Goals
  • Search Online and Ask for Referrals
  • What Questions to Ask Real Estate Company
  • Visiting and Contracting With a Real Estate Company in UAE

Set Your Real Estate Goals

The myth says finding a home or an office in Dubai and UAE is difficult. That used to be true too many years ago. Everything is developing in the UAE, as discussed earlier. Everyone from all over the world now has the opportunity to live or own their places in Dubai, Downtown, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Dubai Hills, Jumeirah Lake Tower, or any other city in UAE. And that’s for many reasons, including the existence of reliable real estate companies nowadays in UAE, such as Executive Realty.

But before moving to how to find your real estate agency/company in Dubai, let’s discuss defining your goals first. Real estate experts say clients with clear instructions and requirements will always get what they want. That may sound simple, but it can be tricky. Try to write your thoughts about the location, size, distance to your work/kids’ schools, etc. Having strict requirements will help you and the real estate agent.

Search Online and Ask for Referrals

You have two methods to find your favorite real estate company in the UAE. The first option is to ask your colleagues, friends, and family for real estate and real estate companies. Do not underestimate their knowledge because they might help!


The second option is to search online for real estate companies in Dubai or any other city in the UAE. You can use Google or your favorite social media platforms for a real estate company nearby to find the biggest companies in UAE, such as Executive Realty. However, do not forget to check the reviews before contacting any company for the first time.

What Questions to Ask Real Estate Company

There are things to consider before contracting with a real estate agency, and it will depend on your case. However, you want to understand your contract and agree to its terms. And before that, you want to check with your lawyer and know everything related to finalizing the paperwork. Ask the real estate company the following questions:

  • The availability of photos and videos for the unit
  • Could you review the unit’s file with your lawyer?
  • Payment methods
  • Brokers’ commissions and any other expected expenses or fees
  • Processing estate transfer and finalizing paperwork

Visiting and Contracting With a Real Estate Company in UAE

Congratulations! And welcome to one the most beautiful and entertaining lands on earth. The day of contracting for your new home/office in Dubai must be remarkable. However, there are two popular types of purchases:

  • Cash Purchase. A final contract to transfer the unit to your name.
  • Credit Purchase. You receive your final documents with the last payment you owe.



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