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once home to Arab fishermen, pearl divers and traders, it is now among the most popular residential destinations in Dubai due to its verdant beauty and perfect location. ‘Jumeirah’, Arabic word for ‘burning embers’ comprises three residential areas along an idyllic stretch of golden beach, Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2, and Jumeirah 3, and is among the best options for a long-term real estate investment in Dubai.


  • Low-rise bespoke residential properties popular with expatriates
  • Multi-cultural and mixed-use developments
  • Five-star luxury hotels, modern shopping and dining attractions
  • The world’s only SEVEN-star hotel
  • Specialty medical and cosmetology clinics
  • Reputed nurseries, schools and colleges
  • Supermarkets, malls and organic supplies outlets

Accessibility and advantages:

  • Easy access by Jumeirah, Al Wasl and Sheikh Zayed Roads
  • Feeder buses from several Metro stations

Pros and Cons:

  • Considered by most to be among the hotspots of Dubai
  • Dotted with parks like Safa Park and Jumeirahs Beach Park
  • Tranquil beaches
  • All amenities within reach
  • Limited affordability

Named after the sands that once used to burn the fishermen’s feet, it is still considered among the hottest property investments in Dubai. Extremely popular among Emiratis and expatriates alike, is certainly redefines elite living not only in terms of Dubai but the Middle East as a whole.

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