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OffPlan Properties Sales & Real Estate in Dubai, UAE

Did you hear the term: offplan properties or real estate sales? Do you want to know the meaning of offplan sales in Dubai? Or do you already know and wonder if it is a good idea? Are you comparing cashing a ready-to-use unit with an off-plan property? Let’s compare the two options and mention all pros and cons to help you decide better.

OffPlan Real Estate and Properties in Dubai

Top real estate companies in Dubai, such as Executive Realty Real Estate, ESPACE REAL ESTATE, and Allsopp & Allsopp, will partner with and cooperate with massive developers and construction firms. There is always a Primary Market. Where do customers get their property in Dubai (or any other city) at the lowest price, and guess why? Because the developer hasn’t completed or built the unit yet. And maybe the developer didn’t even purchase the land yet! Therefore, the buyer will earn a massive discount or an easy payment plan. And sometimes both!

PROS | Real Estate Offplan Sales, Dubai

  • Higher discounts
  • Payment scheduling and installments availability
  • Highest return on investment real estate Dubai
  • For newer projects where everything is new
  • Presented by the top real estate companies in UAE

CONS | Real Estate Offplan Sales, Dubai

  • The delay in receiving the unit
  • Financial risks related to payment of installments

On-plan Real Estate and Properties in Dubai

Despite the continuous development and construction in Dubai and the surrounding cities, it will not be easy to find Offplan sales there for several reasons. Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, etc., are wanted places! And most of the units in the market are sold as cash properties and not offplan sales. Anyway, there can’t be too many reasons for real estate companies in Dubai to sell at discounts. Right? Executive Realty Real Estate in Dubai is known to be one of the best offplan property finders in Dubai and the UAE. It is a massive holding group, including real estate in Dubai in Executive Realty (the well-known subsidiary). By the leadership of Shaikha Jawaher Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa as a Chairperson. Off-Plan properties sale in Dubai

PROS | Real Estate On-plan Sales, Dubai

  • You receive your property instantly.
  • You get to see the unit before purchasing.
  • Cash payers will have discounts.
  • There will be many options and units from most real estate companies in Dubai.
  • The resale of on-plan properties in Dubai or any other city will be much simpler than offplan sales of properties.

CONS | Real Estate On-plan Sales, Dubai

  • You lose the discount you get in the case of offplan sales of properties of the same fair value in Dubai.
  • You lose the investment potential that exists in offplan options.
  • Some units will sell at higher prices than they should. And most of these units would be on-plan units.


Which is better, Offplan or On-plan properties and real estate in Dubai? There is no best. It is a matter of what suits an individual/a business. If you can wait until you receive your unit, offplan sales will be the best option. And vice versa. Off-Plan properties sale in Dubai

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