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The Sustainable City comprises 500 villas grouped into five residential clusters. Connected to the Central Green Spine that runs the length of the City. Each cluster comprises 90 Courtyard Villas, 8 Garden, and 2 Signature Villas. Each cluster is named after a type of date palm tree – Lulu, Berhi, Hilali, Jabri and Khalas.sustainablecity

The L-shaped two-storey villas combine ergonomic excellence with contemporary design. Meet the highest environmental performance standards without compromising a charming living space. The third and top floor provides an ample roof terrace, much of which is shaded by the homes’ unobtrusive solar panels. This area is idyllic for entertaining and relaxing, particularly in Dubai’s winter months.

Courtyard villas range in size from 312 square metres (3,362 square feet) to 357 square metres (3,850 square feet), including comfortable staff accommodation. Garden villas measure 477 square metres (5,140 square feet) and signature villas measure 743 square metres (8,000 square feet).

Completing the environment-friendly in-house setup are ENERGY STAR certified appliances (fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine), cooker and hobs as well LED lighting throughout. Landscaping in the garden area is also provided allowing families to simply add their personal belongings and feel right at home immediately.

Several conveniently located recycling stations are located in each cluster encouraging residents to segregate waste in keeping with Dubai’s eco-friendly waste management policies. The Courtyard villas are accessible on foot or by electric buggies through narrow, shaded streets (sikkas) that link the city together as clusters are car-free zones. This significantly reduces noise, pollution, public hazards, and provides a whimsical environment for children to play safely.

In keeping with The Sustainable City’s ethos of a family-friendly environment, each residential cluster offers four amenity plazas plus one central plaza where a cooling tower is located to maximize the outdoor experience during warmer months. Others offer shaded communal gardens with seating and playgrounds for children.

All villas are within easy walking distance of the Central Green Spine further supporting a dynamic, vibrant and cohesive community atmosphere.

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