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Falconcity is linking East & West in a fashion that has never been done before. We are uniting the past and present where they can together open the gates of the future. We brought the wonders of the world and we placed them where people can enjoy seeing these human accomplishments in one place. Falconcity_of_WondersThe Falcon City of Wonders has been designed to resemble the national emblem. The falcon with its outstretched wings symbolizes the spirit of leadership. pride and excellent qualities. The Falcon City of Wonders will embody. We are building the pyramids bigger than the original sizes, the Eiffel Tower higher than the actual. Taj Mahal bigger than the original, in addition, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Great Wall of China and Light House of Alexandria.

Falcon City is a mega freehold residential project which lives up to its name and is located on a 100-acre site within the city side gateway. Precinct of Dubailand. The project has a large main street frontage to Emirates Road strip and is assessable by the Emirates road.

The Falcon city will be a self-contained and multi-faceted residential, tourist and recreational destination formed after the wonders of the ancient and modern world.

The Falcon City project is being developed in overlapping phases, the first phase commenced in the first quarter of 2006 and the first phase of villas are ready for use.


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